7 Forms of Sustainable Fashion

Did you know that 40% of garments produced aren’t sold at full price?

Reducing upfront production can reduce fashion’s carbon footprint significantly and 20% of all fashion items go unsold within the industry. 

Here’s my quick take on the importance of the 7 forms of sustainable fashion…

On Demand & Custom Made – is great because only items that are needed are being produced
Green & Clean – apparel production is extremely taxing on natural resources like water. In addition chemicals used to process and dye fabric pollute our water ways 
High Quality & Timeless Design –
extends the life of a garment due to its high quality and timelessness
Fair Trade & Ethical – workers rights, living wage, working conditions, honoring cultures and craftsmanship. Unfortunately there is a lot of cultural appropriation in fashion 
Repair, Redesign & Upcycle – takes into account the limit of raw materials available to produce and also extends the life of the clothes you own.
Rent, Loan & Swap – Also extends the life of clothing and takes into account multiple users. I personally don’t do a lot of renting but I’m big on loaning and swapping. 
Second Hand & Vintage – Also gives a second life to product and keeps clothes out of landfills or from being burned.I’m actually excited that resale is expected to out grow fast fashion by 2025.