Boundaries and Burnout

At this point, you may be asking yourself what does all of this boundary talk have to do with sustainable apparel? Is this really industry news? Let’s be real. The apparel industry has a reputation for burnout and we have entered burnout season in the industry. The 4th quarter is the busiest and arguably the most important quarter, and has the highest revenue. Black Friday historically has marked the day when many retailers move from the red (deficit) to the black (profits) 🤑. 

The months of November and December mark the holiday selling season but did you know that it is a black-out period for those in the retail industry? Often it begins in early October but essentially you can not take time off and scheduling requests can’t always be honored. It’s the “business first” time of the year. 

I’ve talked about how important it is to balance your capacity to give with your capacity to receive and I wanted to share how I actively try to maintain this balance in my own life.

For just about my entire working career my life has been scheduled and organized by work. From where I live to when I see family and friends. Even what I can crowbar into my free time. Oftentimes my free time was spent destressing from work and didn’t feel like the time was truly mine. While priorities have shifted over the years work was always at the top of the list. Well not anymore. Since starting my own business I’ve been able to make a radical change in my life and organize work around my life. 🤯 Talk about setting a boundary. Given the fact that we are in the midst of The Great Resignation, and according to federal statistics 4.2 million people gave their notice and quit their jobs in August alone.  

It seems that others are making this flip as well. 

How do I shift the power dynamic in a situation when I’m feeling anxious about boundaries and burnout?

These are the points I lean on: 

➡️  My Guiding Theme – The journey should feel like the destination 

➡️  The Rule – Unless it’s a hell yes it’s a hell no! 

➡️  The Criteria – Will this activity/effort make the highest possible contribution to my goal.  

*Note you need to be clear on your goal for this to stick and try to avoid goals that are only linked to money because it will have you doing flips and tricks as you jump on and off the hamster wheel.  

Boundaries – Tools courtesy of Nedra Glover Tawwab

4 things to say when your boundaries are challenged —

1. Please stop bringing up what I used to allow. My tolerance has changed. 👏🏼

2. In the past, I’ve allowed something different, and my needs are different now. 📣

3. It might not be easy to adjust to this change. Yet, I care about this relationship enough that I want us to try. ✔️

4. I’m changing and this is what I need now. 👑

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