Our Mission

Our mission is to support a more diverse and inclusive sustainable fashion industry by filling in the leadership and ownership gaps in the domestic apparel supply chain, build communities and advance healthier local economies.

By focusing on removing barriers to collaboration and innovation, we connect our clients with industry partners and help transform information into actionable steps to  help leaders live their values in their business and personal life.

Meet The Founder


I’m Rosalinda Cruz and I’m a Business & Leadership Development Advisor and B2C Strategist. My super power is empathy and I let my curiosity guide me.  I’m known for disrupting the status quo and for my ability to bring people together while building critical multi-partner relationships. 

I’ve been in the industry since I was 15 years old. The changes I’ve seen in my time are plentiful and at times horrific.  My career has taken many turns and I have connected with just about every link in the apparel value chain from sourcing raw materials all the way through to end of life use of product. 

Part of the reason I decided to start this business is because I jump at the chance to make an impact and there is a glaring lack of diversity in the sustainable fashion industry. The other reason I started this business is because I was burned out. After the death of my brother in 2015 I began to seriously question if all the sacrifices I was making for work were worth it.  While I have an absolute love for Retail and Sustainable Fashion this industry is know for chewing people up and spitting them out. It isn’t for the faint of heart and quite honestly I wanted the freedom to effect the change I see as critical.

It is a scary and exciting time in the industry. The global fashion industry has faced exceptionally challenging conditions. Between shifts in consumer behaviors, how we meet evolving consumer needs, strains on the global supply chain, our workforce and the critical role technology plays in all of this. We’ve been experiencing two years of disruption and are just starting to stabilize.

I want to provide a space for honest conversation but be realistic about what’s going on in the world of fashion. What are the possibilities for change when we allow ourselves to sit in discomfort and image a new way of doing business and using it as a force for good?

Now lets get to work!

Chief Business Development Officer


Chief Operating Officer

Member, Board of Directors

The Asor Collective, NYC & Raleigh

Chief Business Development Officer

• Visual Merchandising Director – NYC
• East Coast Mid-West Visual Manager – NYC
• Retail Visual Coordinator – NYC
• Senior Visual Merchandiser – Boston, Ma
• In-Store Visual Merchandiser – Northampton, MA


HubSpot & Honeybook


  • Strategic Planning 
  • Business & Leadership Development
  • Brand Experience
  • Creative & Business Operations


  • Raleigh Durham Startup Week, Organizing Team Member
  • 1 Million Cups RTP, Community Organizer 
  • North Carolina State University, Skema Business  School USA & Global Training Initiative, Mentor 


Rosalinda Cruz is a B2C strategist and apparel advisor with extensive executive and entrepreneurial experience in sustainable apparel; circular apparel; brand experience; and operations.

Her strength in developing cultures of inclusivity and transparency stem from her expertise in aligning creative direction with business needs. Rosalinda did this most notably at the half-billion-dollar sustainable fashion brand, Eileen Fisher, where she led domestic and international in-store merchandising prior to founding The Asor Collective.

Since moving to North Carolina she has deepened her connection to domestic manufacturing and has rounded out her 20+ years of experience by working within the domestic supply chain. Rosalinda now brings her process-driven approach to support purpose driven neighborhood retailers, entrepreneurs and direct to consumer manufacturers.