Work Life Balance

Last week I shifted my priorities. I had a headache that took me out for a solid day and a half. Friday is typically the day I reserve for self-care and it shifted to a workday. 

On Thursday I made a short to-do list in preparation for my uber productive day. That list was to the point and organized by what needed to be done in order of priority. I woke up Friday morning feeling well prepared to have a productive day. Unbeknownst to me, my inner overachiever wasn’t satisfied with checking 1 thing off my list. 

So instead I spent 2.5 hours checking off things off my other list. That list has important and “nice to have” items that aren’t time sensitive. I started to dump on myself for having another “unproductive day”. I quickly realized this was my negative self talk and I needed to reframe and focus on the positive. 

My reframing structure went a bit like this… ❣️

 ✔️I listened to my body and took time to rest and heal.     

✔️ I replaced one day of self-care with 3 days of self-care.

✔️ I shifted gears to focus on some quick wins and doubled down on my day of productivity (from the comfort of my couch). 

✔️ When I veer off my to-do list I always ask myself “Will this help you get closer to achieving your goal?” If it doesn’t I stop what I’m doing. Another series of questions I ask myself when I need to say no to something was shared with me by a dear friend. “Will this matter in 6 hours, 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years from now?”

✔️ I work well with lists. I now have 3 lists I work with that help me stay focused: 1) Shiny objects list, which contains anything that doesn’t help me achieve my goals.2) Master to-do list, which has things that will help me achieve my goal and is urgent, time sensitive and important.3) Quick wins list, which has things that will help me achieve my goal but isn’t urgent yet still important.

This list has an added benefit of providing a quick win and activating the happiness chemical dopamine.🎉