Effective Planning

When it comes to planning it’s easy to get overwhelmed and manage all the details that go into effective planning. Whether I’m managing a dizzying amount of details or just a handful, my first step is to simplify my approach and document what I know, and get the big pieces of the puzzle in place. This acts as the framework for my master planning calendar. “In the Coming Weeks” section of this newsletter, I give some great details that will help you with effective planning for your apparel business. 

After reading Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why” I decided to apply the concept of The Golden Circle to my planning process. It helps ensure I’m living my values in business and in my personal life.

Step 1 – Start with why and apply the concept of The Golden Circle 

Why is the reason and motivation for your brand/business to exist (don’t confuse this with some benefit, for example earning a six-figure income, etc. – that is a result). The “why” is the cause you believe in and your purpose.
What is what makes you stand out from your competition – how you do things differently. 
How are the things your business/brand actually does (products and services it sells) and the problems it solves.
Step 2 – Look for patterns

Think about the patterns in your business as you plot out the monthly revenue goal. Are there opportunities to increase revenue in certain months with a bit more planning?

Step 3 – Keep your strategic objectives top of mind

When adding details to your planner be sure to ask yourself “will this help me meet the goals set out in my strategic objectives?” if it doesn’t move it off the list! 

 Additional things to think about when planning: 

     ✔️Annual & monthly revenue goal $ – 

     ✔️Average monthly revenue or you break even number

     ✔️Average order value/deal size 

     ✔️What are the resources needed to achieve your goal

     ✔️Structure of your organization

     ✔️Keep your eyes open for potential challenges