Small Business Week 

Did you know… that more than half of Americans either own or work for a small business?  Last week was Small Business Week – which coincides with The National Small Business Week Summit hosted by the Small Business Administration (SBA).Did you also know that… the current Administrator of the SBA is a Latina? (Hello 👋🏼  Hispanic Heritage Month)! 

 Isabella Casillas Guzman has nearly tripled the number of funding businesses could receive from our Economic Injury Disaster Loans since taking office in April. Her top priorities are inclusion and equity top priorities and were quoted by Forbes in an interview with Rhett Buttle as saying, “Systemic racism is a persistent roadblock for women and minority small business owners. This was true before the pandemic, and unfortunately, it’s even more true now. That’s why, together with President Biden and Vice President Harris, I’m intent on making inclusion and equity top priorities. At the SBA, that often means making sure we’re reaching the smallest of the small businesses—particularly the businesses that do not have in-house lawyers, accountants, or special connections that give them an edge.” 

Small Businesses are the heartbeat of Main street, our communities, and the country as a whole. They hold a special place in our hearts and are also important given The Asor Collective is a small business that’s a minority and female-owned.  

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