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In this issue I share one of my go to resources which highlights some exciting trends in sustainable apparel. Imran Amed, founder of The Business of Fashion said that, “sustainability will be accelerated the same way working from home has been, and is now the new norm.” It’s nice to see that statement is holding true and is driven by the increase in conscious consumerism.

Part of our mission has always been to support a more diverse and inclusive sustainable apparel industry; and have it be accessible to as many people as possible–especially those in the BIPOC community–to reduce centuries of systemic inequities. I’m here as a resource and ally for apparel entrepreneurs and small business owners; and will do my part to build communities and advance healthier local economies. If you are interested in helping further our mission, do reach out so we can get a meeting on the calendar.

EDITED is one of my go to resources for data driven industry news. They recently released The Sustainability EDIT 2020 Report.

Here are a few inspiring facts about increased focus on sustainability. 

• 60% of fashion and textile companies ranked sustainability as the second most important strategic objective behind improving customers’ experience. This shift is a result of consumer demands.

• Sustainability events have expanded beyond Earth month and include Veganuary, Fashion Revolution Week (April) June’s World Ocean Day, Plastic Free July, Second-Hand September & Nothing New November.

• Recycled Denim arrivals increased by 417% from January to September vs. 2018 and were up 108% YoY. Recently, Levi’s launched a buyback initiative in the US called SecondHand, allowing customers to trade in old products for a gift card equivalent to a portion of each item’s perceived value.

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